Church Landscape Campus Design

Are you looking to improve your existing church landscape?


Parishioners can be tempted to visit a new church if the landscape is well kept and inviting. The opposite is also true. St. Mary's Episcopal Church, shown here, had a fire. This disrupted everything in the parish and consequently the landscape went unwatered for years. Trevor Pan—Architect was asked to design a master plan, or campus design, for their 1+ acre property.


Taking a scraggly site and turning it into a beautiful place of worship is a great experience. 


First, you have to take a look at the existing building. 


    - Are there any interesting features?

    - Does it suggest a solution by where the openings are located?

    - Does the building function well as a place of worship?

    - Can the landscape embrace and enhance the building?


Once a building survey has been conducted, and the client has shared their landscape programming, solutions can begin to take shape. Often, they'll come at random times—early in the morning, late at night, on lunch... When solutions do come it's like unraveling a present.


In the case of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, on the west side of the building, a set of Chi Rhos are afixed to a canopy. The canopy was added at some point in the building's life, but had a nice low slope to it. By pulling this design idea from the existing building, the new arbors and pergolas became based on this geometry. Even the spacing of the columns, at 9'-0", was used.


When you look at the campus plan, it appears neat and orderly. By basing the new plan on the arrangement of the existing canopy a 9'-0" grid was created/established. This is called a unit system. From there on out, the project became "part" of the existing building. The axes were added and unified with the existing columbarium. 

New features like the arbor, pergolas, labyrinth and amphitheater are placed along the unit system in an artful way. 


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