6 Steps To Live In Your Luxury Residence

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Have you been thinking about building a luxurious custom home?


Building your own home is tremendously rewarding. Crafting each and every detail to your exacting standards takes time. Below are 6 steps of what it takes to start living in your new luxurious home.


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Step 1 - Site Visit

Arrange a site visit with Trevor Pan - Architect. Here you can meet the architect, show off your property and share your basic requirements.


Have in mind:


  • how large of a home you would like to build (in square feet)
  • rooms, garage, pool, gardens, wine cellar, specialty requests, etc.
  • level of detail in broad terms e.g. marble, tile, porcelain, colors, types of materials
  • expected timeline
Step 2 - Proposal

After meeting at your property a proposal will be drawn up that reflects items discussed at the site visit. Generally, several fee options will be presented which reflect level of detail required.


You will have ample opportunity to review the fee options, request changes or accept as is.


During this phase you will arrange to have a soils report and site survey taken of the property. These documents are needed to tailor the structure to your particular property.

Step 3 - Concept Design

When the contract has been initiated concept design can begin. It is best to have the survey in hand, so the concept can be fitted to the site. The soils report is very important but not as critical as this point.


Schaffner Landscape Sketch


This sketch is related to the project shown at the top of the page. This is a study of how to create a unique canopy over the entry walk and deal with the steep site.


Schaffner Canopy Entry Court


Hand drawn sketches or computer renderings can be used to share ideas at the beginning. They are not meant to be final, but used to make sure client and architect are on the same page, or if a new course is necessary.

Schaffner Great Room

Step 4 - Design Development

After working on a concept and agreeing on a direction for your project the design development stage begins. Here is where the concept is studied more fully. Rooms start to get defined more accurately, thoughts about storage and types of furnishing come in to play. 


A materials board can be prepared at this stage and assembled so you can touch samples of the actual products to be used in your new home. This is where you can really get a good feel for how your home will come together. 


By the time this stage comes around it is good to have the soils report in hand. The soils report is used to size the foundations properly.


The master plan below shows how a project comes together not only on the interior but on the site also. Trevor Pan - Architect is trained to design your landscape, interiors and architecture.


A100 SITE PLAN web

Schaffner - Master Plan

Step 5 - Construction Drawings

After polishing up the project in design development the project design is approved and moves to construction drawings. Here is the where your "blueprints" are created. After finishing the blueprints the project can go to bid.


There are many ways to hire a contractor; here are three of the most common methods.


  • Design-Bid-Build

  • Design Build

  • Owner Builder

Step 6 - Construction

During this phase the architect works closely with the builder to ensure all questions are answered and issues that come up in the field are resolved. 


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