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To Start a Project:

An project review and site visit is where you and the architect can gain a greater understanding of project goals. It is necessary to give you a tailored proposal. 



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$10,000 project review and site visit visit plus airfare, lodging (international) 


$2,500 project review and site visit visit plus airfare, lodging (within United States)


$500 project review and site visit visit plus mileage at $1/mile (100 miles outside Phoenix Metro, but within Arizona)


$100 project review and site visit (40 minutes) and site visit plus mileage at $1/mile (within 100 miles of Phoenix Metro)


To Estimate Your Fee, Prior to a Site Visit:

The design fee is in addition to the construction budget, and is directly related to complexity and the effort required to serve the project. There are a few ways to arrive at a fee. Below are some common methods. 


Percentage of construction budget ranges from 25% to 8%. 


Very Small Projects: kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, patios, etc. usually take 1 week.

Often, the value of the project does not provide an adequate fee to do the architectural work. In this case you can budget $3,500 / week.


Small Projects have a higher percentage fee related to construction. A $25,000 project would have a design fee ranging from 25% at $6,250 for a high end design, to 15% at $3,750 for a utilitarian design. 


Custom Homes ground up, range from 10%-15% of the construction budget.


Larger projects , say $2.5M construction budget for a commercial project, range from 10% for a fee of $250,000 at the high end, and 8% $200,000 for a more modest complexity.


Mega projects are negotiated based on size and complexity.


Flat Fees have a direct relationship between experience and percentage of construction cost. 


Hourly Rates:

Principal hourly $150
Drafting hourly $75



Mileage $1/mile
printing, photorealistic renderings, parking, software rental, supplies, etc. incur a 25% markup 



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