Arizona backyard landscape design: east elevation with pergola and spa.

Backyard Landscape Designs by Trevor Pan - Architect


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Creating an environment that is soothing and relaxing requires great skill. Nearly anyone can plant shrubs and put some pavers in. However, if you want to build something with real style you need to have someone trained in landscape architecture.


Arizona backyard landscape design: plan with barbecue, pergola and spa.


The enclosed project has two shrubs in the center of the yard and, as you can see, is not that appealing. By removing these shrubs, and leveling out the dirt (with levels), and focusing the pergola on a window wall the project has an "it" factor.


 Existing Arizona backyard.


Trevor Pan - Architect first studied landscape architecture, then architecture. All the historical design principles and gardens are at his fingertips.


He has the ability to take any backyard situation and make the best use of space.

Many backyards have these items, but they lack the "it" factor because of the historical garden design principles are not known to the designers. If you want a first class backyard you need to hire someone trained in landscape architecture.


Arizona backyard landscape design: south elevation plan with barbecue & pergola.


Everything else is "below average."


 Arizona backyard landscape design: north elevation with spa and potted plants.


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Designs start at $3,500.


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