McNicholl Landscape Remodel

 Tempe, Arizona


The McNicholl's wanted to improve their backyard. You can see their existing backyard has a few trees and no defined spaces. Naturally, they want to live better. 


By removing these trees and creating some definition the project takes on a new character. The pergola, barbecue and garden are centered on the main window in the living room. This causes the project to relate to the interior of the home. Many yards lack this focus and connection.


Not the McNicholl's backyard.


The spa is set just outside the master bedroom. A table for tea. Good living.


- - - 


Update April 28, 2018


McNicholl Landscape Remodel 2.0. The newest computer drawings are a new design. The spa equipment was larger than anticipated and has been pushed to the north.


Overall, the new design is exciting and asymmetrical. The new bench idea will be visually intriguing and simple to build.


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