Jewel Cave National Monument

Custer, South Dakota


Jewel Cave National Monument needed a new donations box to match their faux stone diaramas. The box mimics nailhead spar—a formation found in the cave. As a design-build project it required creativity and execution.


Thankfully, having built quite a few pieces of furniture, buildings and patios Trevor Pan - Architect was up to the task.


The box is wood framed with plywood and has an EPS foam layer coated with Polygem 307 Lite epoxy putty. This permits the donations box to look real and be lightweight.


The box has two acrylic panels which allow notices to be posted periodically. The middle acrylic panel has a slot for cash and an angled thief baffle, per National Park Service standards.


Have a look at the monument here:



(click image to enlarge)
Final Pics

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